The ear is made up of 3 different parts. The outer ear is the part you can see, the middle ear is separated from the outer ear by the eardrum and contains tiny bones that amplify sound waves, and the inner ear is where sound waves are translated into electrical impulses and sent to the brain.
Healthy ears contain wax, which is produced by a special lining in the ear canal. Wax protects the tissues, and helps prevent infection by trapping micro-organisms, dirt and other irritants. Wax is constantly travelling towards the outer ear where it can drop out. This process may take a couple of months to complete. The normal amount of wax produced can vary from person to person. Sometimes wax builds up in the ear and requires treatment.
Reasons for this include: A tendency to produce a lot of ear wax; Narrow ear canals; Hairy ear canals; Use of cotton buds, which pushes wax further down the canals; Working in dusty or dirty environments; Inflammatory conditions of the skin or scalp.
It is not possible to reduce the amount of ear wax you produce or to widen your ear canals. However, there are ways to reduce the incidence of wax build-up: Avoid cleaning the ear canals with cotton buds or fingertips, as any object poked into the ear can compact the wax and cause damage to the ear canal.  Use ear oil twice a week, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Limit ear cleaning to the outer ear.  Treat associated skin conditions.